The Benefits of Blue Light  Reading Glasses

The Benefits of Blue Light Reading Glasses

Posted by Ani on Dec 31st 1969

Blue Light

The other day I had a customer call in asking about Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses.

There is a huge buzz going around where blue light is concerned. Blue light is everywhere! After all, the sun emits most of it. The big concern of our modern day is manmade blue light. This comes in the form of our everyday devices like computers, tv’s, and cellphones. The prolonged use of our devices is proving to cause some annoying, devastating, and permanent problems.

The solution for now seems to be a yellow filter on your device and a tinted lens. If you are not a fan of filters on your phone you can dim the light your device produces. As more research develops begin adopting these practices in your daily routine:

-Wear sun glasses out side

-Dim the light on your devices or apply a filter

-Try some light tint on your glasses for everyday use

-Refrain from using your device right before bed

-Use artificial tears when needed to keep your eyes moisturized

Check out this article for more information on the topic.

Sunreaders and Tinted Glasses

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