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If you've never heard it, today would be a great to do so. 

The greatest speech of all time. 

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The Ultimate CBD Edibles Guide.

As many of you have noticed, we are offering our own line of hemp oil. We are big fans and love the benefits for both inside and outside the body. Our friends at have written this really informative article on CBD edibles we thought you all would enjoy, take a read and try out some hemp oil products [...]

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A Nice Feature from The Global Province Letter

We have the Reading Glass best customers. Check out the article below, where we were featured a few years back. Thanks to GlobalProvince.comJust a Few Good Deals, Global Province Letter, 26 March 2014What This Country Needs Is a Good Five-Cent Cigar? Woodrow Wilson’s vice president, Thomas Riley Marshall, is best known for this quip, even though [...]

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17 Tips to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment and Improve Your Quality of Sleep

17 Tips to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment and Improve Your Quality of SleepPicture this: Despite your jam-packed schedule, you’ve still reserved enough time to unwind and relax before bed. Your bedroom is cool, calm and dark, and you’re able to fall asleep and stay asleep without any trouble. The next morning, you manage to wake up before your alarm [...]

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Eye Care- About Your Make-up Routine This Halloween

Eye Care This HalloweenHalloween is just around the corner and we love it. A holiday that embraces the weird in us all and encourages creativity.Many of us will opt for a simple costume or slap on a mask and call it a night, but for those that go all out with make-up, prosthetics, and the [...]

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The Eye in Space

The Eye In Space Marking the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, it made me curious to know how the eye reacts to the conditions of space. After all, the only thing holding your eyeball in place is a thin nerve and some tiny muscles. Its basically floating inside your head as it is already. I find it fascinating [...]

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A Love Note To My Reading Glasses

My Dearest Spectacles,How do I love thee! My heart soars when I can see through you. Everything is so clear when you are near. Life is sharper, more intense, filled with vibrancy. Oh how I need you my sweet reading glasses! Don't ever part with me, I beg of thee. If you ever leave me I [...]

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5 Signs That You Need Reading Glasses

5 Signs That You Need Reading Glasses The eye is one of the most fascinating organs of the body. It provides a world of wonder when it's healthy and a world of hurt when it's not. We depend so much on the health of our eyes. Check out below for 5 signs that you need reading [...]

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10 Common Misconceptions About The Eye

10 Common Misconceptions About The Eye                                  There are so many misconceptions about the eye. Here are our top 10 misconceptions about the eye. If you can think of more just let us know.  You don't need artificial tears- In today's world, the [...]

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Fourth of July Safety Tips

Fourth of July Safety TipsFire makes me nervous in general and as a new parent I find myself hyper aware of the dangers surrounding the upcoming holiday. I came up with a laundry list of do's and don't, however, I've spared you some of my neuroses by narrowing the safety tips to my top five. [...]

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