Quick Tips For Making Your Cheap Reading Glasses Last Longer

Quick Tips For Making Your Cheap Reading Glasses Last Longer

Posted by Ani @ RGCA on Dec 31st 1969

5 Quick Tips For Making Your Cheap Reading Glasses Last Longer

We can't all splurge on our reading glasses. Half of us borrow a pair and the other half purchase a cheap pair and hope it'll last us an eternity. We cherish our cheap reading glasses. They always end up being the cutest pair or fit just right. Yet we can't ever find a replica when they break. There are several ways to help your readers live longer. Here are few tips to help you extend the life of your inexpensive reading glasses.

1. Protect - Spend a little extra and purchase a case and a lanyard. They are the bullet proof jacket and bungee cord that'll save the life of your glasses at the most unexpected moment. 

2. Clean - Skin Particles, Sweat, and Facial Oils can destroy the plastic and metal components of your readers over time. Clean Daily for comfort and to extend the color and life of your readers.

3. Tighten - Once a week or so, take the time to tighten the components of your reading glasses. Tighten the hinge screw as well as the screws on the nose pieces if you have them. Those get lost all the time and are so much harder to replace. 

4. Glue - Don't be afraid of adding a little glue to the joints of your reading glasses. Use Elmer's glue for a more flexible hold on hinges and Super Glue for a permanent hold on plastic parts and nose pieces.  

5. Touch-up - Are your cheap reading glasses flaking, or is the daily abuse leaving dents and nicks on the exterior of your readers? There are hundreds of ways to fix this. The easiest way is to get a permanent marker and fill in when needed. Permanent Markers come in a variety of colors, many of which we already have in our kitchen drawers.  You can also use spray glue to stop additional flaking. Use non-toxic acrylic paint as an alternative to the permanent marker. 

There you have it. Follow these simple tips and help your cheap reading glasses last a lifetime!