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10 Common Misconceptions About The Eye


There are so many misconceptions about the eye. Here are our top 10 misconceptions about the eye. If you can think of more just let us know. 

  1. You don't need artificial tears- In today's world, the majority of us are glued to one screen or another. Whether it's your phone, your computer, or your TV, your eyes are exposed to massive amounts of blue light every hour. Not to mention, we tend to blink less when focused on these types of screens. We should all carry a little bottle of artificial tears. Due to our new world habits, our eyes are dryer than ever. This can cause scratches on your cornea, infection, and major strain on the eye muscles. Artificial tears every few hours will help lubricate and relax the eye muscles. 
  2. Laser surgery will solve all your vision problems- For starters, not everyone qualifies for laser surgery. If you're one of the lucky ones that do, proceed with caution. Do your research and make sure you know what you're getting into. Know that the possibility of your eyes regressing is there lurking in the future. 
  3. Your eye brows are just there to dress up your forehead- Believe it or not, eye brows have a job. They are there as a line of defense for your eyes. They block the dirt sweat and some sun rays from getting to your eye. As far as dressing up your forehead, well, I'd like to think they dress up your entire eye area. That's why the thicker the better. 
  4. You don't need sunglasses- This is a BIG misconception. Growing up I thought sunglasses were just to look cool. Turns out there is an actual need for them. Your eyes can get sunburned, especially if you have lighter pupils. Avoid the strain and hurt and protect your eyes with Sunglasses. 
  5. Tears are for the weak- Tears are an essential component of the eye. The natural lubricant of the eye ball, you really can't live with-out tear secretion. Not only do they lubricate, they clean. Yes, you heard right. The next time something is stuck in your eye you can't get out, just cry it out.
  6. Wearing another's prescription is not a big deal - My kids love taking and wearing my glasses because I have such a high magnification. Things look funny through the lens to them. It may be funny to them, but not to me. Wearing my glasses will strain their eye muscles. Such strain can cause permanent damage. This goes for all eyes. Don't wear other peoples prescription glasses. or reading glasses. You're basically torturing your eyes. 
  7. You can't train your eyes to see better- There are several things you can do to help sharpen your vision. The main function of your eyes come from the eye muscles. The muscles in your eye allow you to focus.  If you exercise and stretch these muscles, there is a chance you're likely to develop sharper vision. Practice everyday and see what happens.
  8. The eye is not self cleaning-  Your eyes are magical. They can clean and rejuvenate themselves, they even heal themselves. Most of this happens during deep sleep. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep at night in order to keep a set of healthy eyes. 
  9. Eyes can be transplanted- The eyes are actually the only part of the body, besides your brain, that can't be transplanted. You can have a cornea transplant, but not a full eye transplant. So take care of your peepers, they are the only set you get.  
  10. Eye gunk means nothing- A little goop can mean a whole heap of the things, most commonly, its the eyes way of saying there's infection here. This is not to be confused with the little gunk you wake up with. That little gunk is ok, it's actually good. It means you've gotten enough sleep and your eye was able to restore itself and heal damaged tissue. The bad gunk happens through-out the day or in large quantities at night. Watch out if its really sticky and green. 

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