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Rose Glasses and the Effects of Seeing Through Them

The idiom of "seeing through rose colored glasses" is often used in a negative way. People who are described as such are often seen as too positive and seeing the glass half full at all times. These people are often seen as dreamers who can't see life for what it really is. They can be seen as blinded by the lens through which they choose to see the world. However, the effect of seeing the world in a more positive hue may have long lasting positive effects on the person wearing those glasses. It may be that if we were all to see our daily lives in a rosier color, we may experience a more content overall state of well-being.

So what do these rose colored glasses do to those who wear them exactly?

1. The Benefit of the Doubt- People who look through a rosier lens tend to hope that what they are seeing is true. They give the benefit of the doubt until their vision is proven wrong. They put their hearts on the line and hope they will experience a favorable outcome. Having a hopeful vision

2. Happiness- Seeing things through a rosie pair of glasses does not leave too much room for seeing things under a negative light. This allows the person to feel an overall sense of content that is rarely disturbed.

That's it. Everything is usually fine with these folks. Stress is not a big part of their lives. They deal with things a bit differently, a little more relaxed.

What happens to them when things disappoint their line of vision?

They suffer from disappointment like most people. Of course, depending on the situation, the disappointment can be a bit more severe. Having your vision break before your eyes can be highly upsetting. What's great about the rose colored glasses effect is that it allows for the wearer to have short term disappointment. Things will turn up, that is the general feeling. It's difficult to feel upset for too long when the glass is always half full and when things look so promising.

Now, if you're having light sensitivity, an actual pair of rose colored reading glasses can help. Wearing lightly tinted glasses will reduce your eyes' strain and provide overall comfort. Check out these bifocal reading glasses with a tint.


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