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Coping With Vision Loss During Your Midlife Crisis

Vision loss on it's own is a difficult thing to deal with. However, dealing with any type of vision loss or impairment during a stressful point of internal change in your life can be too much to deal with.

Vision Loss

There are many things that can cause impaired vision or full vision loss.

Here are some of the things that can cause vision loss:

  • Injury- if you've hurt your head or directly injured your eyes, you may suffer vision loss
  • Infections- any foreign body in the eye is to be dealt with immediately, otherwise you may not only loose your vision, but your entire eye.
  • Disease- several forms of cancer can influence your vision 
  • Cataracts- a cloudiness of the lens; these can be removed with surgery in most cases; however until removed, vision can be impacted significantly
  • Macular Degeneration- deterioration of the central portion of the retina. This is the leading cause of vision loss and happens with advanced aging.
  • Age - you're getting older, but you do not have to have macular degeneration to feel the effects of your aging eyes. Getting older is, ironically, one of the reasons you're having a midlife crisis in the first place. A simple change in your life in the form of reading glasses can cause emotional havoc. Not to be melodramatic, but if you've never had to wear glasses in your life and all of a sudden you do, this may create a feeling of loss. After-all, you've lost the ability to see clearly.

The Midlife Crisis

What exactly is a midlife crisis? 
A midlife crisis can be several things, most commonly it occurs at the midpoint of adulthood. Anywhere between the ages of 45 through 65. The kids are mostly grown and out of the house, this creates extra time for inner reflection. You may question what you'll do in the coming years with the free mental space. The inner reflection brings to the surface the many things you put on hold to raise your children and make ends meet. Furthermore, you realize how you've changed and maybe those changes cause you to feel uncomfortable with how you've turned out. Talk about a personal crisis! The feelings boil over and you search for solutions that will bring you closer to the person you wanted to be or want to become in the future.

Coping with Vision Loss

Vision loss is an additional reminder that your life is not what it used to be. However, it does not have to define your future. Whether your're dealing with a simple addition of reading glasses or a more severe case, vision loss does not have to limit your lifestyle. 

Science has taught us that you can change the way you view a problem and turn it into something more favorable in your life. You can train your brain to deal with what was once a limiting issue and empower yourself. 

Reading glasses are a fun way to explore your style. If you're one of those people that hate glasses, the first thing you should do is get measured for the right style for you facial features. For example, a person with a round face should not wear round glasses. A square pair will bring out the lovely features of a round face. Explore colors and purchase many at once. Reading glasses are super affordable and fun to swap out with different outfits. 

Although having macular degeneration may seem like the end of all things, there are reading glasses made just for those suffering from this condition. Wearing the right gear can help you through these trying times.

Now, if you're dealing with complete and permanent vision loss, know that all is not lost. There are so many ways to learn to "see" again. You just have to be open to new possibilities, be patient with yourself, and practice. Listen to the podcast below for some great insight on this. If you're not completely blind, listen to it anyway. We guarantee it's a good one.  

Having to explore how your life is changing during a stressful transitional period is hard, but you can do it. You can find yourself again despite all this. Explore your passions while you learn to cope with your changing vision.

The best way to cope with any type of loss is to talk about it. Research your local area and join support groups. Dealing with loss is different for everyone. Refrain from self criticism. Your loss does not have to be socially significant for it to affect you in a negative way. Talk it out. No matter the size of your loss, help yourself deal with it better by talking to a supportive member of your community. 

Let's continue this conversation on our Facebook page! Reach out to us if you need to, we support you in your transition. 

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