5 Signs That You Need Reading Glasses

5 Signs That You Need Reading Glasses

Posted by Ani- RGCA on Sep 20th 2018

5 Signs That You Need Reading Glasses

The eye is one of the most fascinating organs of the body. It provides a world of wonder when it's healthy and a world of hurt when it's not. We depend so much on the health of our eyes. Check out below for 5 signs that you need reading glasses and help your eyes feel better by purchasing a pair of readers from 

5 Signs That You Need Reading Glasses

  • You're Squinting - this is the most common tell tale sign that you need reading glasses. All of a sudden you have to squint to clear the fuzziness around those tiny letters.

  • You Need More Light - daylight illuminates your reading space, yet you find yourself turning on your desk lamp. Those little extra beams of light help your eye focus better on the letters.

  • You're Moving Things Closer To Your Face - the paper could not be closer to your face or else you'd be eating it. 14 inches away from your face is like a mile away! You're watching yourself reel it in closer and closer. 

  • Your Eyes Hurt - you're thinking, maybe you need drops. But what you don't realize is that your eyes hurt because your eye muscles are working overtime to help you see things a bit more clearly. The drops may provide some relief, but not for long.

  • You Have Headaches- All day you've been straining to see things and it's all too much. The print is way too small and there are other muscles on your face and head that need to tense up to compensate. Excedrin EXTRA STRENGTH please! 

Do your eyes a favor and get them checked out. If seeing a doctor is not a possibility right now (SEE what I did there) then reach out to us and we'll send you a reading chart that will help you determine which magnification you'll need. 


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