A Love Note To My Reading Glasses To Show I Care

A Love Note To My Reading Glasses To Show I Care

Posted by Ani @RGCA on Dec 31st 1969

A Love Note To My Reading Glasses

My Dearest Spectacles,

How do I love thee! My heart soars when I can see through you. Everything is so clear when you are near. Life is sharper, more intense, filled with vibrancy. 

Oh how I need you my sweet reading glasses! Don't ever part with me, I beg of thee. If you ever leave me I would be destined to a life of blurs and confusion. How would I survive the newspaper, restaurant menu, and all those street signs without you? A doctors visit, the punishment of a dentist, the daily grind of homework with my children? What a dreadful existence!

Yet, there are days where you are gone. I never know where you journey. My eyes water at the thought. I remember the day you were stolen from me by Max. He chewed you up but good. I rescued you and fixed you up. You've rarely left my sights since then.   

My purse hides you, my hair carries you, my eyes adore you, and my heart yearns for you daily. Without you I am nothing. 

This Valentine's Day I dedicate to you, my dear. 

Thank you for making me whole. 

Love always,

Your Far-Sighted Person