Back to School at American Reading Glasses

Back to School at American Reading Glasses

Posted by Ani on Dec 31st 1969

Back to School

Welcome to August!

One of the best months on the calendar is August. I don’t know about you, but I love buying school and office supplies. Everything is on sale to prepare you for returning to the grind. The temperature starts to cool off, and fall fashion makes a comeback.

Here at we are preparing our website for a slight make-over. We’ve been listening to your comments and we are improving your check-out experience. In addition, we’ll be offering a newsletter and more ways for you to share and save.

We hope that come September you enjoy of all the new and fun ways we will improve our site this month.

If you have suggestions, please contact us. We love our customers and want to provide the best experience for you. Email us directly at

For now enjoy this fun graphic! and if you want glasses similar to the ones he's wearing, check the link below: