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Donate Reading Glasses For Charity

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We are honored to be able to provide affordable reading glasses to charities and organizations. 

These amazing people travel the globe donating reading glasses to the less fortunate. 

This year would like to do more for these organizations. 

Help us by donating glasses. 

Each donation you make will allow us to give-out more glasses to the less fortunate. 

As it stands, we offer great glasses at whole-sale prices to these organizations. With your donations, we'll be able to add glasses to these orders at No Charge, providing more eye-wear to those in need. 

Help us by adding $2.99 to your order or send us your lightly used readers. 

For every donation you make, you will receive a coupon for 12% off your next order of reading glasses. 

We appreciate you!

If you have any questions, please contact us. 


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