Eye Care- About Your Make-up Routine This Halloween

Eye Care- About Your Make-up Routine This Halloween

Posted by Ani- RGCA on Oct 20th 2019

Eye Care This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we love it. A holiday that embraces the weird in us all and encourages creativity.

Many of us will opt for a simple costume or slap on a mask and call it a night, but for those that go all out with make-up, prosthetics, and the works, Halloween is a grand affair.

I worry though for our eyes, we’ll abuse them this night most of all for bragging rights.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your eyes safe this Halloween.

Eye Care Tips For Halloween:

  1. Keep foreign objects far away from your cornea- It’s essential you don’t scratch your eyes, believe me it hurts. So keep those costume pieces away from this very needed and crucial part of your eyeball.
  2. Clean your make-up and tools before they touch your eye area- and really, while your at it, clean the make-up itself before clean tools touch it. Take a napkin and wipe off the upper layer of paint or minerals off. It won’t guarantee total cleanliness, but I assure you, it’s better than leaving it.
  3. Don’t fall asleep with anything on your eyes- make-up or otherwise. This night is meant for fun and I know we are all going to party hard, but don’t fall exhausted into bed without removing all the gunk you put on your eyes. By the end of the night, your eyes will get tired and dry. If you leave on make-up or prosthetics or plastic parts, you’ll further irritate the area and potentially infect your eyes. When the eye is dry, its bacteria fighting powers are diminished and infections are likely.

Have fun this Halloween! Stay safe and protect your eyes!

Zombie eyes are only fun on Halloween, never the day after.