​Facts to Know About Technology Trends in Reading Glasses

​Facts to Know About Technology Trends in Reading Glasses

Posted by UMER on Feb 21st 2020

Facts to Know About Technology Trends in Reading Glasses

Many people often relate reading glasses with latest technological trends and advancements. As smart phones are getting smarter, and cars eco-friendly; similarly, eye glasses are also advancing according to the latest technological developments. From auto adjusting eyewear to cutting edge video recording glasses, experienced opticians are experimenting with different materials and techniques to revolutionize the concept of eyeglasses.

Consumer reports suggest that a regular American glass wearer can save up to 40% cash by shopping eyeglasses online. This clearly indicates why shoppers prefer to buy reading glasses online. Buying online saves you time and offers better customer support than conventional walk-in eyewear stores.

Following are some latest innovations and technologies that promise increased efficiency and effectiveness of conventional eyewear.

1.AR Eyeglasses

Various Smartphone and computer applications have benefited a lot by augmented reality in the recent years.

Despite some preliminary efforts by Google, this technology has not officially released anything for eyeglasses wearers yet. Nevertheless, there is a lot of scope of AR in the field of optics and is expected to blow up the eyewear industry in the coming years.

2.Ballistic Glasses

Most eyeglass lenses that are designed for daily use tend to get some dings or scratches if used with the slightest carelessness.

Ballistic glasses come in various strengths and in order to use glasses for a longer period of time, many police and military professionals prefer to use ballistic eyeglasses as they also aid in the prevention of eye trauma or injuries.

3.Auto-Focusing Lenses

An auto focusing lenses can adjust itself for any specific prescribed power. This is extremely useful for people with presbyopia

A special sensing unit calculates the total distance between a user's pupils when focusing on an extremely close object. Also, use of electrical current in the liquid crystal (LC) coating helps to modify the lens's indicative index.

4.Eyewear for Athletes

Sports eyewear is taking the optical industry to a whole new level. Nike's recent collaboration with VSP’s research lab for creating top level eyeglasses for athletes is a clear indicator of the diversity and versatility of the global eyewear industry.

Why Invest in Reading Glasses?

With growing age, our eye lens becomes less flexible which makes it harder to focus. In fact, most people tend to develop presbyopia when they cross their thirties.

Many people might even feel embarrassed to wear reading glasses in front of people and avoid wearing glasses in public. However, by avoiding reading glasses, you can face great difficulties in performing your day to day activities.

Reading glasses ideally gives magnification that ranges between 1.00 to 2.75.When buying glasses, it is recommended to buy the lowest level magnification possible as a strong magnification may lead to unwanted headaches, migraine or eye strain. Today reading glasses are available in various colours, sizes, shape and styles that can go well with any facial shape or structure.

In a survey, it was revealed that nearly 50% of eye wearers who have crossed their thirties and use single-focus eye glass tend to remove them more than 10 times in a day. This can be really frustrating as it affects productivity. Therefore, using reading glasses of multiple strengths can help eye wearers to a great extent.

Difference between Reading and Computer Glasses

For many people, wearing reading glasses is something that is inevitable. As you grow old, you need to wear some form of eye wear as your eyesight tends to become weak.

Computer glasses are specifically designed to deal with the glare of a computer screen, whereas, reading glasses magnify the text to make reading easier. Such lenses usually don't come with any special coating to protect eyes from the glare of TV or computer screens.

Reading vs Prescription Glasses

OTC reading glasses usually consist of the same prescription number in both; left and right side lenses. However, eye glasses that are bought by consulting a professional eye examiner can be customized according to the prescription that your eyes need.

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