Tips For Moving to Florida | To Do List to Move to Florida

Tips For Moving to Florida | To Do List to Move to Florida

Posted by Ani on Aug 6th 2021

Did you know that is a Florida-based company? That’s right, your reading glasses ship from the sunshine state. Currently it is 86* degrees and the palm trees have a nice breeze swaying them back and forth. Apparently, these facts seem to be calling people into a great migration down south. From California to New York, everyone wants a spot under our sun.

If you are one of these people looking to relocate to our state, here are a few tips and tricks to help you in your move.

Real Estate Agent

Find yourself a real estate agent who treats you like a friend and not like a dollar sign. Real estate agents get a bad reputation because it is a dog-eat-dog kind of business. In a state where there are more agents than actual real estate, you need to pair yourself with someone that understands your needs and will really work to help you find a place you’ll love instead of trying to sell you on a property that will make them the most commission.

Our company has worked with the head of Southern Ranch and Land LLC, Mr. Mark Davis. What a great guy! He can find you the best places in central and south Florida, from Ocala all the way to the Keys. Call him today for the best service in the state: 305.494.5546

                                                     Tips For Moving To Florida

Storage Place

The best relocation advice we can give is to find yourself a storage unit near the city you want to live in and ship all your big items ahead of your move. We’ve done it a month in advance. It is well worth it. You can take your time and that way, come relocation day, things are not so stressful. We tend to do things in house. We rent a truck and stuff it then drive it down ourselves. But you don’t have to DIY this. You can purchase a “POD”, or hire a moving company. Just do your research! Moving companies have a reputation of losing peoples belongings especially when traveling through state lines. Planning this with time and in advance is key to its success.

The Things That Matter

Documents are the first thing to get lost when you make a big move yet they are the things that matter the most. Make copies of everything you hold dear. Get yourself an actual safe or place your treasures in a specific place that will travel with you. Do not put this in storage or on a moving truck. Important documents, one of a kind memories, medications, and hand held electronic devices, are things you carry with you, not something you hand off to someone you may or may not trust. Moving is stressful enough, don’t add to it by misplacing your documents.

Welcome Package

You are here now. Welcome! Here is some sunblock, but more important, mosquito repellent. Part of your welcome package includes gators in every waterway, scary garden snakes, and the very often enormous cockroach when it rains. Go to and purchase yourself a nice pair of sunglasses and, while on your online shopping, a huge tub of gel for your hair and nasal spray because the humidity will wreak havoc on your hair follicles and nasal passageways. The people drive horribly and are mostly rude, it’s not as sunny as it should be, the water smells most of the time, and things are getting more and more expensive. Construction is everywhere so traffic is awful, but the espresso coffee is amazing as well as the food. The night life isn’t so bad, unless you have kids, then who cares. Disney is super crowded and not worth the price depending on who you ask. The museums are the best and if you’re into yoga or attending a gym, there is literally one in every corner.

Why do people move here? Oh, it must be the reading glasses. We have amazing reading glasses.