Needing Reading Glasses: The Importance of Resting the Eye

Needing Reading Glasses: The Importance of Resting the Eye

Posted by Ani on Sep 1st 2021

Why We Need Reading Glasses: The Importance of Resting the Eye

Do you find reading to be tiresome? Do you have difficulty reading the words on your computer screen or in a book? If so, then it might be time for reading glasses. Reading glasses are designed specifically to help those with eye problems read more easily and comfortably. They can also help with other eye-related issues such as tiredness and headaches from reading too long without resting your eyes. In this article, we will explore the many benefits of reading glasses as well as exploring alternatives.

Resting the Eye

The reading glasses industry is a multi-billion dollar business, with reading glasses available in every style imaginable. Some reading glasses are designed for specific uses such as reading on the beach or at night. Others are made to protect eyes against harsh sunlight and blue light emitted from screens. There are even children’s reading glasses!

As a society, we are constantly bombarded with ways to consume information. The eye is under constant stress. Our vision is focused not only on best selling books, magazines and newspapers, but televisions, computers, tablets, and most of all, our cell phones. Not to mention our day to day lives with driving and commuting being a major part of it. 

The reality is we rely on our eyes so much, but do we really give them the TLC they need? The answer is no. 

Importance of Resting the Eye

Reading Glasses

When I was young, my doctor told me, where your glasses all the time so your vision can correct itself and you don't have to use glasses when you are older. Did my 10 year old self follow directions? Sadly, no, and now my adult self is not happy at all. 

If you ever feel that your eyes are straining to focus, that is a big sign that you need glasses. Don't wait, the longer you wait the worse your eyes will get. The eye muscles are designed to relax and contract as we focus on reading our computer screens, reading books or newspapers. Damage occurs when your eyes are under constant strain. Wearing your reading glasses helps the muscles surrounding your eye balls to chill out a bit.

Good quality reading glasses will help in many ways: they can lessen glare from screens; relieve dryness by blocking harsh light that causes fatigue-causing eye strain; increase contrast making objects clearer than before; reduce sensitivity to bright lights which often cause headache pain and worsen symptoms of hay

Avoid Dryness in the Eye

Blinking is like drinking water for the eye. Every time you blink you are hydrating your eye, keeping it moist and limber. Unfortunately, we tend not to blink often enough when we focus on our devices which causes dryness from the harsh light of screens. 

Dryness in the Eye can cause major problem in your cornea. Your cornea is a very special part of your eye and when you scratch it, it really hurts. Avoid dryness by blinking often, but if that is too difficult purchase a great bottle of artificial tears. Apply a few drops a day and you should be set. 

Keep your eye clean

Your eye area is very interesting. Your eyebrows keep sweat and hair products out of you eye and your eye lashes keep dirt and hair out of your eyes. Make sure you wash this area to help you eye stay clean and healthy. 

Eye Exercise 

If reading glasses are not for you, then there is something else to consider too. Eye strain can be caused by reading without giving your eyes enough rest in between sessions. This can cause headaches and tiredness. If this sounds like it may apply to you, take a break after every 20-30 minutes of reading (or more often if needed) 

You can also try the candle trick. Light a candle and turn off all the lights. Sit in front of the candle, look straight at the flame for 30 seconds then close your eyes. Repeat this for a few minutes. This exercise helps in strengthening your eye muscles without straining them. 

Stick around for more tips and tricks on the eye, your glasses, and everyday living.