You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Posted by Umer on Jul 7th 2020

Why Do You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Blue Light Blockers

Sunglasses with a camera

Due to continuous changes and additions in the technological trends, one thing that may get negatively affected is our eyesight. As a result of the increased screen use during the COVID- 19 pandemic, everyone is more and more eager to know what blue light exactly is. In fact, chances are that you might be reading this article either on your mobile or laptop screen. Latest technological trends have emerged due to greater safety concerns. Such advancements include sunglasses with camera, night driving glasses etc.

Following are the reasons why it is essential to use blue light blocking glasses:

Excess exposure to blue light

When we view at a laptop or a smartphone screen, our eyes automatically get exposed to blue light. Blue light is something that our eyes gets exposed off regularly. Any form of light, be it natural daylight or indoor lights, may emita a small amount of blue light. Therefore, it is almost impossible to avoid getting exposed to blue light.

As mentioned above, due to the corona outbreak, all businesses and classes are being conducted online. This automatically is increasing our daily screen time for laptops and smartphones. Therefore, one of the best ways to limit the harmful effects of blue light is by wearing blue light filtering glasses.

Blue light blocking glasses can protect our retina cells

Blue light, also known as HEV light, can be explained as a part of the light spectrum, which has short wavelengths and high energy levels. Our eye is not designed to block the HEV light. Although, our cornea can prevent some harmful UV rays from entering into the retina. However, blue light can bypass the corneas and can come right into the retina.

In some cases, excessive exposure to blue light can lead to macular degeneration. Healthcare professionals reveal that there are two different types of blue light. The first one can damage our retina cells, whereas the second one alters our sleeping patterns.

You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses reduce excessive eye strain

Blue light is technically everywhere. And it is practically impossible for people, especially teenagers and adults, to avoid it in today's digital age.

Our eyes are exposed to continuous blue light from daylight and smart devices. The human mind associates this light with daytime, and when our eyes are getting blue light in excessive amounts during the evening and night, it becomes difficult for the brain to relax and unwind. Without adequate amounts of sleep, a person may experience migraine, disorientation or lack of sleep.

Also, a lot of eyewear brands offer blue light filtering glasses. Although there are various other reasons for excessive eye strain, however, blue light is probably the most common reason.

When we are too close to our screens, our eyes tend to get strained even more. Blue light can change melatonin levels which are responsible for our sleeping patterns. Therefore, blue filter, glasses can help to control eye strain caused by excessive screen use.

Blue light blocking glasses regulate the wavelength that affects our sleeping process

These blue light glasses have slightly yellow shade to provide balance to thee retina of the human eye. These glasses filter excessive blue light emitted through screens by regulating the wavelengths affecting the circadian rhythm. This helps reduce chances of insomnia.

Today, the average screen time ranges between 10-12 hours. This can severely damage our eyesight and therefore, using blue light blocking glasses is a great way to protect our eyes against excessive digital strain.

Today, numerous studies reveal that using these glasses before sleeping can help people to have a peaceful sleep at night. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult your ophthalmologist first.

Also, it is advisable to do some online research and go through some reviews before purchasing blue light blocking glasses online. Also, it is better to ask for a certificate that mentions the exact wavelength of these glasses.

Photochromic glasses are another popular option. These light adjusting lenses prevent excessive sunlight and harmful UV radiation. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.


By using high-quality blue light blocking glasses, you can protect your eyes from the detrimental effects of smartphones and laptops that elevate digital eye strain. Without using blue light filtering glasses, our eyes get more tired and hazy. Use of blue light blocking glasses is, therefore, an easy and effective way to improve your visual health by protecting your eyes against the harmful effects of blue light.